Monday, October 20, 2008

Is a woman's tattoo socially acceptible?

I was just reading this month's Glamour magazine and I came across a very interesting article. It centered on women's removal of their tattoos mostly because of it's non-acceptance in the work place.

I vaguely recall when tattoos were mostly known as a mark of rebilliousness and a representation of the bad girl, bad guy image. I thought it had since come a long way from that. I think that the "Hollywood" society has played a great part in reducing the stigmatism associated with tattoos. I'm afraid it didn't disassociate all of it's negative attributes.

Thankfully, I have yet to encounter any negative feedback concerning my fairly new tattoo. I have gotten a few looks @ work, but no one has said anything to me. I do remember working with a recruiter a while back and her recommending, no, rather she instructed me to wear stockings to the interview that I was about to undergo to hide my tattoo because the atmosphere was extremely corporate. Immediately, I realized that a stuffy enviornment like that is one that I didn't want to work within.

Have any of you encountered any negative feedback regarding your tattoos/tattoos? Do you think that there are places where a tatto is appropriate and places where it is not? Lastly, do you think that a tattoo should placed somewhere, where if need be it could be hidden, or should there be no limitations on where they the tatto can go?

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