Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jay-Z Liked It!

Who could blame him? I like it too, damnit! Here's the video for Beyonce's other new single, Single Ladies.
When I first heard this song I thought it was terrible. Even yesterday during a group girl email session, Avy was trying to convince our friend "J" that the song was catchy and that she would get in to it. I stayed out of it, but really I was thinking that song? no way, Jose!
I think I may have been wrong, cause I just volutanrily sat through that video twice.
Love the pointing at her big ass ring! So now we get the preview of what he likes. Thanks B!

*Edit: Shit! I was going to ignore that silly metal hand thing, but I just made the connection that Ciara is wearing silly metal hand things in her video! What is up with all the video idea stealing?! Is it really coincidence?

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Alicia said...

Can't say that I share the same opinion about the song. I was going to post it but my post would have naturally had a different twist. It's annoying and Wack!

Let me see how I feel in a week. I doubt my opinion will waiver.