Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fox News Continues Their Campaign For An "Idiocracy".

Fox News Referring to Michelle Obama as Obama's Baby Mama.

Sarah Palin took to Fox News(where else?)to explain why she couldn't answer the simplest of questions during her interview with Katie Couric. Apparently Couric's line of questioning was "annoying" to Palin, so annoying she couldn't even recall what newspapers she's ever read. Now that she's been prepared for that question, she remembered to say The Economist among others. I hope she got a cookie for that.
Why would anyone want to elect a person campaigning on a platform of cultural anti-intellectualism? Running a country has nothing to do with hockey or beer!

Fox News is disgusting. How and why, they managed to pull together some of the most vile, bottom feeding, hatred spewing creatures to ever call themselves "Journalists" is unfathomable. This is beyond Republican or Democrat, right or left wing. Foulness of this magnitude is unacceptable, and should not be allowed on a major "news" outlet.

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