Saturday, October 4, 2008

Paint It Black

YSL Runway Paris Fall

The pictures of Ciara (below) reminded me that I had been meaning to post about the frenzy that black lipstick is causing on the fashion scene. It seems that the "gothic-light" look that has been circulating the past few years has made its way from our nails to our lips. Several makeup brands have jumped on the bandwagon by producing their own shade of black, including, of course, YSL.
However, if you are quite certain that you would never leave the house looking like that mess, may I suggest Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in Black.

Elizabeth Lamont, assistant vice president of marketing for Shu Uemura says:
'Seven of the shades are what we call artist shades, primary colors like white, yellow, green and black, that can be mixed with any of the shades to make them lighter or darker. We feel that every color is unique, but each of these shades can further customize the shades, making them personal. Mr. Uemura is fond of saying that personalities are infinite — and wanted the possibilities of the lipstick to be, too.'

Lamont is also passionate about the black lipstick for another reason: 'It says that we are in the lipstick business," she said. "A woman might buy a pink shade, but if she sees the black and the white, she'll also know that we are serious about the lipstick business.'

Alright, so you know you want some of that serious business! The reason these artist shades are so fantastic is that you can buy that black lipstick, experiment at home, maybe even wear it out on a daring day. But if that day never comes, your money is not lost, this black is specifically designed to be layered. Apply it over your favorite lipstick shade and see what the result is, your perfect dark shade may be sitting in your makeup box right now! It just needs a little help from Shu.
Take a look at all the Rouge Unlimited colors, including all seven artist shades HERE

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