Thursday, October 9, 2008

Trick, Get your Own!

Based on recent events, I have to say that there appears to be a shortage in available men. I say this because,almost every time I flip through a gossip magazine or peruse my usual websites there's always some type of drama going down. A little while back Kamilah posted on "Alicia Keys sinking her paws into Swizz Beats" Mashonda, who is the wife of Swizz was not all too happy about that, as I'm sure none of us would have been. Talk about an alleged "Good Girl Gone Bad"

Not fully recovering from this shocker,I come across a picture of these two How random right?

It appears that these two have been a bit more than friendly for quite some time now. Dwane Wade is still currently married to his long time partner, as a matter of fact, he recently released a statement stating that he and his wife are getting a divorce and when the time comes he will make one statement about the entire situation. I wonder if that statement is going to include the cause of the divorce! Rihanna don't got ish on Gabrielle and Alicia... just goes to show we all have a "bad girl" inside of us, or do we?

Would any of you out there date a married man? Even if he's separated or him and his wife are on there way to a divorce? Would you wait until the ink dries on the divorce papers or would you go right ahead and take part in the affair? I'm truly interested in knowing, so please enlighten me.


Mara said...

For the most part i say no. I don't want the baggage! But then again i have done it! But if was different in that we had something for many years prior to his marriage. I might have been borderline home wrecker, but obviously if your man strays that much, there is something more to it then the other woman or what the other woman has to offer.

Alicia said...

Thanks for your comment and your honesty Mara. I often wonder how people who have gone through it or is going through it feels. Personally, I feel that when a man is cheating on his significant other, he is always the one to blame. Temptation will always be there, but it's his CHOICE to either resist or act on it. The only time I think that it is "Not to Be Frowned upon" when a woman kicks the other woman's a** is if the Chick is her friend or family member. The Playa's Club Baby! Watch and Learn!