Thursday, October 2, 2008

Real Girls Have Curls Part Deux.

Ok so after this I will give all the curl talk a little break - but I had to share this with you...
I am not typically such a proponent of wearing my hair curly but often envy the curls of others. If you have the perfect spiral curl then you're in business. But if your like me then you have: 1 part curl, 1 part wave, 1 part frizz and it just never looks like my hair is done. This is why the quest for products that enhance that perfect curl is such an important one; and this is why I had to bring you guys more curl info.

Have you seen this before:

Kind of scary I know, but the Deva Fuser is said to eliminate friss FOREVER! That has to be too good to be true right???? Take a look at this:

Ladies, if you want to improve your hair health and perfect your curl then I suggest that you visit ASAP!

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Jessie said...

Great post! I love the deva line of products!