Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I took a stroll through the Bergdorf Goodman cosmetics floor yesterday, and picked myself up a few new treats. I had a list of products to try, and from there I planned to settle on a few to actually purchase.
The funny thing is while walking through the floor, the counter of cosmetics company I had never heard of caught my eye, called LE METIER DE BEAUTE. A very pleasant and helpful gentleman was immediately on hand to assist me.
He took one look at me, and suggested 2 lipstick shades he thought would be beautiful on me. Impressively, they were very lovely and extremely moisturizing due to a high content of Shea butter. They were also rather long lasting.
Initially, I tried to resist, as lipstick was not on my list, but I soon relented. As I was making the purchase, the man who had helped me gave me a sample bottle of foundation from their line as well.

Here's the kicker, upon getting home and inspecting my newly acquired swag, I found the product I was most pleased with was the lipstick.

Whats more, is that I had also finally gotten around to purchasing Bobbi Browns Creamy Concealer Combo. This product has been exalted to holy grail (HG) status by many makeup aficionados, but when I applied it myself at home, I was not feeling it at all! Although it feels incredibly creamy and moisturizing to the touch, this somehow did not transfer to my face. It never felt drying, but it looked dry as hell. I have combination skin, so I'll concede that my under eye area may be more prone to dryness than some people, but I did thoroughly exfoliate and moisturize prior to applying the concealer.

So anyway, with intentions of making a return, I was placing the concealer back in the Bergdorf shopping bag, when I spied the sample bottle of foundation I received with my purchase of LE METIER DE BEAUTE lipstick. Despite how pleased I was with the lipstick, I was skeptical of the foundation. I hadn't tried foundations at the LE METIER DE BEAUTE counter, so I would fully expect this to not match my complexion by a long shot.
Guess what?
Very possibly the best foundation color match to my skin tone I have ever tried, of course I may owe this to the product knowledge of my salesperson! But it glides on like a super luxurious moisturizer, and its been lasting shine free.
Its been years since I have been in the habit of wearing foundation. I stick to concealer and setting powder, but upon returning my Bobbi Brown concealer, I will most definitely be going directly to the LE METIER DE BEAUTE counter to a see if their concealers are as good as their lipstick and foundation. Also, I didn't try it personally, but a saleswoman from Pout was chatting to me about how great the lip glosses from LE METIER DE BEAUTE are.

The reviewers on makeup blogs are also enthused about the lip glosses, particularly a color called Cannes, as well as their combo blush and bronzer, "Blonzer".

This line was exclusively sold at select Neiman Marcus locations, and was only unveiled at Bergdorf Gooodman, it's first location in NYC last week. I truly feel that I have stumbled upon quite a find with this product line, I'm so excited about the quality of their products that I would bet money that this company is destined to join the ranks of some of the biggest names in the cosmetics industry. If you're in the market for something new, I strongly urge you to consider trying this brand. Otherwise, don't blame me when I'm looking flyer than you. :)

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