Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Must have for the upcoming fall season!

I was out shopping with Kamilah the other day and she selected a pair of thigh high boots and I thought they looked great on her. I have not always been an advocate for knee high boots. They remind me of Julia Roberts on the Prowl in "Pretty Woman" and we all know what she was doing ;0. Needless to say, they haven't always been a fitting accessory for a young lady to have on hand; however, times have changed and I think I want a pair. Take a look @ some of the folks that seem to agree:

So what do you guys think? A do or a don't! Is the sterotype still too much for you to handle...

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Mookie said...

Thigh-high boots are a definite DO. They demonstrate class and most important, a sense of confidence. A woman has to have a strong enough self-image to pull off wearing thigh-high boots, because -- believe me -- when you wear them, people (especially men) will notice.