Monday, October 13, 2008

Vows in Vegas.

Lovebirds Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony made a spur of the moment decision to renew there wedding vows at 3:15 AM on Sunday morning in Vegas. Who knows how many drinks they had at the club on Saturday night, but at 12:30 AM the two started to call feverishly for a minister to have the ceremony done ASAP. I think it is kinda cute... it's the only acceptable way I think vows should be exchanged after clubbing in Vegas: after already being married for 4 years. I have to admit - I wasn't sold on this relationship at first; Marc leaving his wife and then Jen's long list of romances which includes 2 previous marriages [and let's not discuss the whole Diddy situation] ... but here they are 4 years and a set of twins later, still going strong. Congrats to them!

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