Thursday, October 30, 2008

Teeth Whitening.

Last week I made a life altering decision that I am still coming to grips with. I quit coffee! Now some of you may not realize the significance of this, but let me be clear: this is huge for me. Coffee is to Puerto Ricans what rice is to .... um, well, most cultures ... aw you know what I mean! Coffee is more than just a jolt in the morning; it is tradition, culture, comfort, it's going with my sister to Lady Bird in Park Slope, it's chatting with my mom in the kitchen, and most important its yummy!!! Unfortunately, in addition to all of those wonderful things, coffee = yellow teeth. The fact is that if you want whiter teeth then you have to cut out the things that are causing them to stain, and the main culprits are: coffee, smoking, and red wine. So I kicked the bucket and I am on a quest for whiter teeth. I have been using good ol' Crest White Strips and have seen some very subtle results already, but was happy to see an email from Sally at the Brazil Bronze Glow Bar. I have posted about her amazing spray tans and the faux lashes that she does every Thursday before, but hear this: they are whitening teeth this Saturday!

Here is the email she sent:


Special offer $199 this Saturday Nov 1st only

A gentle and revolutionary teeth whitening system, hugely popular in Europe, has landed in the US. In one hour it is possible to undergo three sessions of whitening and walk out of the salon with teeth that are clean, white and gleaming. On Saturday Nov 1st one of the experts, Mr Ben Long, will be in our salon offering the treatments to our clients. This is a great introductory offer - tell your friends and call (212) 431- 0077 for details. Spots are available from noon on Saturday. Hey! And if you didn't book your tan for Halloween - hurry up - there are hardly any spots left. Jane is also in doing lashes on Thursday Oct the cutest partier this Halloween!

Sally Blenkey-Tchassova

Brazil Bronze Glow Bar


phone: (212) 431-0077


Call ASAP if you want an appointment!

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