Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Babies "For" Obama

Do politicians really still have to do this baby kissing foolishness?
I mean, I love Barack Obama, but would I really push my baby through a mob of people just for him and baby to give each other a few moments of "the side eye"? OK, I might. It would be a hella awesome picture.

Sometimes I love kids just for the raw dramatics. They really do not give an ish what you think. To see more babies for Obama Click Here


Mara said...

My daughter, who is almost 5, ask almost daily when she can meet Obama! She is one of his biggest supporters and routinely tells ppl, "That bad man McCain doesn't like Pre-K" and then starts shouting "OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA!" One time she yelled at someone, "Only McCain people litter!"

Alicia said...

LMAO... you're daughter really smart... Damn I wish she could vote. Sounds like she would be voting for the right ticket..

Too Cute.