Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Akasha Spinlash


It’s not the size of the brush, it’s the motion of the potion.

While all the other cosmetics companies rely on new formulas and brushes to improve their mascaras, cosmetics company, Akasha has taken its innovative new mascara, SPINLASH, a step further! Not only does SPINLASH™ gently rotate to remove clumps, coat and separate with every turn, it also applies a liquid line of eyeliner. It applies mascara, eyeliner, and curls your eyelashes all at the same time!

Eyeliner can be difficult to apply – especially the hot, liquid liner look! Now SPINLASH™ let’s you apply eyeliner without the hassle of attempting to draw a perfect line on your eyelid.

Patent-pending SPINLASH™ utilizes a gently rotating synthetic brush that simultaneously combs and coats – creating perfect lashes every time. And for women who use eyeliner as a part of their beauty routine, there is now one less step with SPINLASH™.

You can use Spinlash with the mascara that it comes with, or if you have a fave mascara already, feel free to stick the spinbrush in that.
Available at Target for $14.99
For more info check out Spinlash.com


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