Saturday, August 30, 2008

Last Update on the Sol-Angel

Okay, so I think this is going to be my last post on Ms. Solange Knowles for quite a while. She's been getting too much post time as it is already, but what can I say... the chick is funny. Kamilah already provided you all with the clip of her BLASTING the Fox news anchor (in error I might add). It's been announced that Solonge suffers from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), so maybe this was a direct result of her not paying attention. Below is a video that she released apologizing... Oh wait she didn't apologize, so I guess she's just trying to clear things up. Do you buy her story or was it actually ADD?

Here's the video, you decide:

Also for your listening pleasure are a few more clips of Solange showing her personality. She seems to be a cool chick, she just needs to get used to being compared to her sister and having to live in her shadow until forever or sooner. It all depends on her.

Click on the Links to listen
Soloange speaks on her best date ever
Solange clearing up rumors
Solange on beating a bi*ch ass for her sister

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