Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's Shoe Time!

I absolutely love these Giuseppe Zanotti boots. I think they are perfect for Falls tough, dark, sleek look. They also look perfect for kicking boyfriends when they get out of line, Angel Matos style. "Oops, upside ya head!"
I would probably just stick to the patent leather version myself, but if I was more adventurous, I'd wear the studs in a heartbeat.

What do you think of this feather business Givenchy is putting out? Too much? I'd probably wear the first ones with the right outfit, maybe a black pencil skirt...something very subdued, you gotta coordinate that mess. The second ones lost me.

Back to Zanotti, these baby's are on sale! That ankle strap will provide support and the heel looks nice and sturdy, plus metallic colors are super versatile. These look like dance all night, and still comfy enough to hit The Diner at 4am kinda shoes. Gotta love that.

All available at Zappos Couture

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Paula said...

Those studded boots are AWESOME!