Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Makeup Forever High Definition Powder

Avy and I are mind melding today, because I just bought something from the Makeup Forever HD line yesterday. I usually don't wear liquid foundation, just concealer, and either translucent or colored powder. So I only got the High Definition powder. Its translucent, and it's supposed to be for all skin tones, but seems to me as if it may come across ashy if you have darker skin.

Maybe I'm not getting the full effect since I'm not using the full set of primer, foundation and powder, but I'm not super impressed. Its a nice powder, but I don't think it makes me look better than any other powder. I could have swept baby powder over my face and gotten similar results as far as the way it looks.
It feels great though! Very, very finely milled and silky, my skin feels great and its very light, as if I'm not wearing anything. Also my skin tends to get oily and shiny and I think its cut down on that so far.

Here's a camera phone pic of me today. I'm wearing Fresh Absolute Concealer under my eyes, and the HD powder all over my face.
I'm also wearing MAC blush in Sunbasque, MAC lipglass in Cultureclash and Bare Escentuals eyeshadows in Bubbly and Drama. I know, a whole lot of nothing, right?

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