Thursday, September 11, 2008

Alexyss K. Tylor

About a year ago Alexyss K. Tylor became a cyber sensation when videos of her public access show, entitled "Vagina Power" hit the net.
I loved her videos, but I had kind of forgotten about her until today when I heard a new song from Cam'ron where he sprinkles in a few samples of her speaking from one of her shows.
Anyway, I wont bother posting the song "Bottom of her pu$$y hole" because as you would imagine, it's pure foolishness. If you want to hear it, check our good friend at Livestyle for the link.
I will post a few faves from my girl Alexyss, because I still think this is some truly hilarious, insane, and insightful commentary, from a woman who's been through it. Definitely Not Safe For Work, but you'll have a good laugh when you get home.
BTW, that's her Mama onstage with her.

OK, last one. Some guy tells her he would like to make her his "Bust it baby" and she goes OFF on him, as she should! Although I'm familiar with the song that spawned the term, I'm not even sure what exactly that means, but how any woman couldn't tell that it's dissrespectful is beyond me. I see way too many women reffering to themselves as that, and quite frankly I think it's disgusting. If shes crazy, I might just be crazy too.

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