Friday, September 19, 2008

Pro Gunmetal.

Gunmetal is a great shade that will add some drama to your eyes. I would tend to say it is a bit more glam than plain old black shadow, which I am not knockin'; it's just nice to change it up. This shade from MAC is the perfect mix of dark gray and shimmer; its not kiddy shimmer though. Its a sophisticated color that will make any eye color pop. Its versatile and is a makeup must have this Fall.

Zoya makes a great grey metallic nail polish color that you ladies should try. It will give you the hard metal look right on your fingertips ... I have seen gunmetal nail polish on women and it is a wonderful alternative to black nails. It is less count dracula-looking but still adds some edge to your look.

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Jessie said...

These both look really cool! I especially want to try the nail polish! I love the look of dark nails but don't want to look goth either! lol