Thursday, September 18, 2008

And...Another one Bites the Dust!!


I swear, there has got to be something in that Hollywood air that makes people throw common sense out the window and opt for foolishness instead. Either that or common sense just isn't that common anymore. Now, what in the world would make Jennifer Hudson drop her long time boyfriend of a reported 6 years to pick up this dude? Punk as he was nicknamed on the "I Love New York" show, seems to have wooed J-hud with his high pitched Soprano like voice. I can hear them harmonizing as we speak. The two are said to be engaged and it appears that they have been dating for less than 6 months.

I just don't understand the rush. Maybe you guys can explain it to me. Plus, doesn't the fact that he has been on a the "I love New York show" tell you something J-hud...seems to me like he is desperate for fame. Any man who would chase after the likes of "New York" and parade around kissing one girl after another man already slobbed her down is not a good candidate in my book.

But hey, I've been wrong before (very rarely) and I could be wrong again(highly unlikely). We will just have to see how this turns out.

Either way J-hud had better watch her back before crazy ass New York comes back for her man.

By the way, How soon do you guys think is too soon to get married?


NatelyRenee said...

EEEw Punk? Damn. Anyone who has done cheesy reality is definitely NOT a good candidate. Not to mention the fact that he puts chemical in his hair. I don't like guys that put chemical in their hair.

Anyhow, I can't really comment on her dumping the 6yr boyfriend (because who really knows what went down)--but she really went bottom feeding. =(

I personally think getting married after a few months is TOO SOON. My God, there are crazy men out there who don't end up revealing themselves after YEARS. People change through the want someone solid [who's been the same person at core]. I'm pretty realistic--those first few months are bliss...the extra passionate times; It ain't always roses... props to the people who push through the thick times. =)

buggy said...

Yeah, i totally agree. I thought this was a rumor that they were dating b/c she flaunted her old boyfriend from Chi-town around at every event. This is definity a reach for her but hey, I love her music so that's all I care about. We all know how these celeb mariages turn out.

Beyonce and Jay are still holding on..even though, I hate too say but Beyonce has not been looking that happy lately. It cound be the flashing lights.

Alicia said...

I also agree 100% with your assessment Natelyrennee... A Month ago I would have thought that J-hud would agree as well but hey... If she's truly happy then I wish her the best...

LMAO.. @ the dudes who put chemical in their hair comment.