Friday, September 26, 2008

Kim's Bush!

Reggie Bush did an interview with NFL.Com and was quite forthcoming on his intentions for Kim Kardashian.
Since Reggie Bush has been in the tabloids for his off-field pursuits as much as in the sports pages for his football exploits, we started there.

How is it going with girlfriend Kim Kardashian?

"Great," he said. "Great girl. Great friend."

Is marriage to her in the plans?

"Yes," he replied.


"Don’t know. But it’s coming."


"Definitely. Absolutely. I look forward to being a father."

Awwwww...Isn't that cute? Proof positive that you can make bad mistakes in relationships and a handsome guy will still want to marry you. Even if at first, everyone called him a sucker. All you need is to have your plump and juicy parts in order! I'm kidding, she might be a total sweetheart.
Or maybe shes just got it like that...

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