Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Perfect Jeans.

Finding a great pair of jeans is an eternal battle for most women I know. My favorite brand of jeans for the last year or so has been Stitch Jeans, and I have been a faithful collector.
I love the Moccasin fit, SUPER skinny, no pockets, falls right at the ankle. They give the effect of a legging without the skankiness of having your booty out should you wear a regular length shirt. Best of all they are the most comfortable jeans Ive ever owned, bar none. The material is extremely soft, feels like you're wearing sweats.

The Fox is also a very nice skinny fit, more in the style of traditional jeans. Pockets, long length (I have to hem them) but still a very comfortable jean.

Check them out here.

So, I had absolutely no intention on buying any other brand of jeans, until today. I was out boot shopping, wearing a skirt. I wanted to see what the boots looked like with jeans, so I ran over to the clothing section, and tried on the first decent looking pair I saw, strictly for the purpose of choosing which shoes to buy. Who woulda thunk that Id stumble upon such a fantastic fitting pair of jeans? I had to get them! The jeans were from Rich and Skinny, unfortunately I cant find the exact jeans I bought online anywhere! But next time you're in the market for a great pair of jeans, keep them in mind, you may want to try them. In the meantime check out the Rich and Skinny website, be warned, it's very "active".

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