Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dont Watch T.V. Watch Me

Watch Me Work.

Watch Me Play.

Watch Me Gauffre.

All available at

Celine may have a hit on its hands with this sexy trio. My personal fave is "Watch Me Gauffre", plus it has the hottest name if my sleep deprived translation of the word gauffre proves to be correct. Parlez-vous fran├žais, anyone?

"Gauffre" is a French word which translates to "waffle" in English, and can be used as a description of the stylized leather seen on the "Watch me Gauffre" bag. However, gauffre can also be used to describe many other effects in leather goods, and can in fact be synonymous with the word effect. Leading me to wonder if the name of this bag in English would translate to "Watch Me Effect". As in, "Watch the effect my bag and I have on these wack-bag-carrying bitches". Or maybe I'm thinking too hard.

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