Friday, September 19, 2008

Alicia Keys + Swizz Beats = Secret Lovers

This story has been floating around for awhile, I'm sure we've all caught wind of it by now, but it has transcended rumor and become truth. Swizz Beats separation and ultimately his divorce has in some way been catapulted by a relationship with Alicia Keys. According to Page Six, Swizz' wife Mashonda will allegedly be naming Alicia as "the other woman" in the divorce proceedings. ($Ka-ching!$)
Swizz has been spotted all over Europe on tour with Ms. Keys, and she recently threw a party for him in NYC, announcing him as "her boo".

Now many are calling Alicia a home wrecker, and she may be, but it does take two. She didn't make any promises to be faithful, so Swizz really is to blame for not handling his business at home first. Shouldn't we officially end one relationship before starting a new one? Especially one as sacred as a marriage? I mean, he claims he and his wife have been separated for months, so maybe it was all in Mashondas head that she thought they were going to work it out. You know he would probably go home where it was comfy and familiar, fall into some comfy and familiar pu$$y, tell his wife everything would be OK, then run right back out to Alicia.

Do we feel bad for Alicia? Everyone has a bad word for her on the tips of their tongues. She's a "slut", a "home wrecker", a "ho" and they "always knew it", I cant say I got a slut vibe of her, but she does have a certain arrogance. I can see her being the type to think "Well if your man wants me too bad for you, you cant be like me." And no amount of convincing would make her understand that a man who would walk out on his wife and children, is capable of doing the same to you, because she's just that different from every other woman on the planet.

Well, I hope Alicia had the best intentions, because when all this playing hide and seek is done, and the fun of running around with her secret boo is over, this Gonzo looking somebody is going to be running off behind the next pretty set of thighs that pass by. A married man that wanted to be single, may actually want to be single, and karma can be a bitch.

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