Saturday, September 20, 2008

Skinn By Dimitri James

I'm lucky enough to have a super awesome mother-in-law, who is also my best cosmetics buddy. She has put me on to a TON of products which I otherwise would know nothing about, or would never get around to trying, the latest of which is Skinn by Dimitri James.

They make a great mascara, it lengthens, thickens, and the formula dries soft so you don't feel as though you have spikes coming out of your eyes. It stays put all day, no flaking, no smudging.

Their Insta-Fill® for Eyes Line Fill and Shadow Base is now a must have for me. When I pat on a little around my eyes it's like instant photo shop. (blur tool) It makes me feel as though eye makeup is unnecessary, but if I do wear eye makeup it goes on like silk, and the product acts as a primer, so my eye makeup lasts all day. The rest of my makeup will be long gone but the eyes are still poppin'. I've never used a primer before, so maybe I'm easily impressed, but I truly think this stuff is the bomb.

Anyone else tried these products? Ahem...*cough, cough* Jennifer (Yeah you Henny!) If you stop by let us know, did you like the same ones I did or do you have a different opinion?

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Jennifer said...

Thanks Kamillah lol and yes i do have to agree, I absolutely loved both products. The mascara goes on very smoothly , no clumps and it made my eye lashes thicker, yay no fake lashes anymore. And the insta fill eye shadow base i loved. I used it last night for the first time, when i put on the eye shadow it went on soo smooothly. I've never used a primer b4, didnt think it was neccesary but i fell in love with it, so for me as well it is now a must lol.