Friday, September 5, 2008

The Scarf Trend is Unwavering

It seems that just like the leggins are here to stay so is this scarves trend. I am not a fan of the scarf adornment, I think it is ridiculous to wear scarves during the summer time. Nonetheless, since we are heading into fall, I thought I would do a feature on them. One thing that I like is the color that a scarf adds to a drab outfit. It gives it a pop that a colorful bag or shoe would; so its nice to have that alternative. I prefer the scarves that don't have a lot of strings hanging from the edges. It begins to look scrufy. Some of our young adults are currently wearing those types and it makes a few of them look like Bandits. Hey, this is life, sometimes we take fashion and we run too far with it. Sigh

Here are a few pics of different ways to wear your scarf:
"The Traditional way" you know when that wind starts kicking your behind and you need to 'Protect YO Neck'
"As a Headband" It's always great when you can get two uses out of one item. The dual nature of this scarf/headband is a great bonus.
"The Trendy Way" This is the way that most people are currently wearing these scarves. What I like about Kim's is that it gives her all black outfit the pop of color that it needs to stand out. She looks well put together.
"Dual Nature" Again here we have a scarf that can be worn two ways, you can wear it as a shawl on a chilly night like Angie is doing or you can just throw it around you neck... either way is fine.
"The Traditional way with a Twist" you are able to cover your neck, but you don't want the tail of the scarf to hang down in front of you swinging like a pendlum... so you buy it short enough so that it can fit around your neck just right.

Which look do you see working best for you?

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