Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shiseido for Nintendo's DS

Ladies in Japan are getting a treat come November with the release of "Project Beauty", a virtual beauty consultant via Nintendo DS. Shiseido partnered with Sega to create this software that will scan the users image and allow them to try makeup colors, tips and tricks and experience the ultimate in beauty makeovers.

The software, priced at 6,090 yen (55 dollars) including the scanning device, matches faces with one of four groups -- cool, active, cute or feminine.

It would then show a user's face with no make-up on one screen and a proposed make-over on the other.

"The same user can have a variety of make-up tips for different occasions such as business, dating or formal gatherings. You would find colours that are good on you but you never realised before," Sega spokeswoman Rei Sugiyama said.

"The new software targets women in their 20s and 30s," she said, noting that the Nintendo DS has attracted many users, "including children, elderly people and women who were not considered core game players."

For users who want to choose their own make-up, they can simulate a full make-over by selecting different shades of colours and other details of the foundation, blusher, mascara, lipstick and other make-up.

They can also learn how to apply foundation along with other basic skills.

So I don't know how this stuff works but although this goes on sale in Japan, I am sure you can purchase this online right?

I think you can pre-order it here!

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Jessie said...

That is so cool! I have a Nintendo DS so I'm going to look into this game!