Friday, September 26, 2008

Not Slick, McCain...

The first debate of the general election is scheduled for tonight at 9pm EST.
Unfortunately McCain has put his campaign on hold, and claims he will not be participating in the event due the current economic crisis. That's how much he cares... He is needed in Washington D.C. (not really) and will not campaign until a consensus has been reached between Congress and the administration, or at least until this current shenanigan has run it's course.
McCain Please!
Either way, tune in and watch or at least set your Tivo's. Whether or not McCain decides to show, Obama will be in the building. If McCain stays true to his word on not campaigning, Obama will turn the debate into a town hall meeting/interview with Jim Lehrer. The millions of viewers tuning in will be treated to Obama-rama!
If McCain decides to renege, as he likely will, because allowing his competitor that much solo shine time can't be good strategy, the debate will go on as planned.

Hey, are you all set to vote? Remember registration deadlines are in early October. You have about a week to get it together!

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