Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kerry Washington is Kicking ass and Taking Names

I've always liked Kerry Washington, but these two videos made me admire her even more. I love to listen to women that have substance, that are well versed and well informed. That speak eloquently and know how to shut some one down in the most polite way possible. One that has tact and does not come apart in public no matter what is taking place. These things that I've just stated are what I find to be some of the embodiments of a true Lady. I see it in Michelle Obama, Oprah, Gayle King, Maya Angelou and many others, but it's truly refreshing every time. These two videos below are focused on a discussion of the race for a new President.
Check them out and see... it's always great to hear both sides for each party.

My Exposure to the videos are compliment of Livestyle... Thanks

Folks, I posted this video in part to proclaim my love for women that are educated but also to let you guys know how DIRE this election truly is. We need to go out in numbers and do what we need to do to make things happen. All that I ask is that you don't take things lightly...

Peace and Love

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