Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mariah Minute.

Mariah made Page Six this week because she was spotted not picking up her dogs "mess" on Madison Avenue ... LOL. Um, doesn't she have someone to do that for her??? I mean hello, she probably doesn't even wipe her own ... well you know. Someone on Mrs. Cannon's payroll really dropped the ball on this one don't-chya think? SMH!

Anyway, in case you were wondering when Mariah's new single was dropping - well there won't be a new single. That's it for E=MC2; no mas! :(
The album has been considered a huge flop in comparison to her previous sales. But don't fret; Sony BMG is a releasing a compilation album featuring a long list of Mariah Carey Ballads. However, from a look at the track list there seem to be some non-ballads featured. It includes some of my favorites that never made the cut for "best of" or "# 1's" so that's cool. Since they won't be releasing any more singles from E=MC2 I suppose this will have to hold fans over until the next album.

Here is the track list:
1. Hero
2. Vision Of Love
3. Without You
4. Always Be My Baby
5. My All
6. How Much (ft. Usher)
7. Dreamlover
8. Thank God I Found You/Make It Last Remix (ft. Nas and Joe)
9. The Roof
10. One Sweet Day (with Boyz II Men)
11. Anytime You Need
12. I'll Be There (ft. Trey Lorenz)
13. I Still Believe
14. Reflections
15. Open Arms
16. Against All Odds (ft. Westlife)
17. Endless Love (with Luther Vandross)
18. All I Want For Christmas (Bonus Track)

And here is Mariah & her hubby last Friday at the Urbanworld Film Festival at AMC Loews Theater right here in New York City. The couple were there for the screening of Tennessee which stars MC. Producer Lee Daniels says that the film will be out in December; can't wait to see how Mimi does with another attempt at acting. The songstress actually got decent reviews, but I must say I am nervous for her still.

Sidenote: I think that Nick looks quite handsome no? Interesting how Mimi's fashion choices are often questionable but Nick has been looking quite spiffy since their union... I wonder if she picks his clothes out for him. I do like Mariah's cropped jacket but don't love the cut of her jeans. She wore jeans with a similar cut for the "Just Stand Up" performance and she looked so outdated compared to all of the other girls who were rockin skinny jeans.

Here are the lovebirds leaving Barney's yesterday, and again, Cannon looks sharp and from what I can make out of Mimi's ensemble...... [sorry Mariah I still love you] but ..... mmm not so much. What gives!?!

Mariah Carey is also one of the many stars that came out for the "An Evening of Stars(R)" event on Saturday. It is the 30th anniversary of the event and it paid tribute to Patti LaBelle and Ray Charles. The event airs January 24, 2009 on BET. Check out MC and [many] more fabulous performers.

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