Friday, September 12, 2008

Like Henny And Brown Paper Bags.

T.I & Tiny
Weezy F. Baby (please say the baby)& Nivea

Someone loves their lil' hoodrats. Proof positive that men are attracted to more than just exterior beauty. Being the owner of a pretty face never hurts, but a mentality that meshes well with his means everything.
So what's your mental state looking like? Maybe by understanding yourself better, you can better understand if you're with the right kind of person. It may also help you to make better choices in the future.

Maybe Weezy should never date a doctor or professor, should you?

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Very true. Although, I must say that we (and not simply the collective rhetorical "we"; I do include myself in this grouping too) do use the term "hoodrat" a little too loosely and dismissively.

We do it all day: We see some less than sophisticated individuals and automatically attempt to ascribe certain attitudes and faults to them without truly knowing who these people are. The woman who shows proper etiquette and acceptable mainstream social class may actually be more problematic and difficult to interact with on a personal level. Class cannot give a person a "good" and caring heart. Sometimes people need to dress up their inside as well as they dress up their outside. Sometimes simple is just better. It all depends on the man or woman involved.

More to your point though, you are right. The 2 couples that you pictured in your entry seem to cool for eachother. Lil Wayne should probably never date a professor OR a doctor - A) because they likely have few things in common and B) because a doctor would be forced by Hippocratic Oath to admit him into a hospital for heavy Promethazine abuse and that can't be fun for a relationship. It is what it is.