Saturday, September 13, 2008

Power of Pink!

As a woman whose abuela lost the fight against Breast Cancer and whose mother is at high risk for it, saying that Breast Cancer awareness is an issue of concern for me is an understatement. As many of you already know, 36 year old actress Christina Appelgate recently had a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer only a month earlier. Although she only had a lump in one breast she decided to undergo the surgery to have both breast removed for her peace of mind and said "I'm definitely not going to die from breast cancer." This was a bold and courageous move on her part and I have a tremendous amount of respect for her strength. It's so scary but all women must be aware and informed because early detection is key to survival! I participated in Revlon's walk for Women's Cancer back in May, but I am constantly keeping my eyes open for ways to support the movement towards a cure. October is Breast Cancer awareness month so many companies will be donating either a portion of their proceeds or all of their proceeds to breast cancer research. So keep your eyes open for some brands that will be helping in the fight for an important cause.

Check out page 104 of the Oct. 2008 Glamour for more products supporting Breast Cancer Awareness.

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Jessie said...

I love buying products that donate towards breast cancer research! Thanks for the heads up on these products!