Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Manicure. Emphasis On The "Cure".

Probably wouldn't even help...

I was just visiting with one of my favorite blogs, Dlisted, and a new song from Paris Hilton was up.
I wanted to read the post about it, but I had a really difficult time doing so, because there was this pic up of her manly man-ass paws and I was really distracted.
Obviously she has no problem pulling guys, lots and lots and lots of guys, but who would want those hands on their junk?

The song is entitled my BFF, and I assume it's meant to be used as some kind of cross-promotion for her new reality show about finding a BFF.
Check the song here. It's pretty bad. In fact we can have a contest. It took 33 secs for me to want to turn it off, and 56 secs before I couldn't take it anymore. Let me know if you can go longer.

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Mara said...

she has a size 11 foot too! I read somewhere that her shoe line only goes up to size 10 though lol