Saturday, September 6, 2008

Is That Seat Taken?

So I just got in from my very first time as a seat filler at Fashion Rocks at the world famous Radio City Music Hall. We weren't aloud to bring cameras so I have no pics at the event :(

Here is a quick shot of me before I left:
Trust me when I tell you that you should definitely tune into CBS on Tuesday at 9pm for a fantastic show!
I got to Radio City with my mom pretty early so there was tons of wait time but once inside we lucked out and were perfectly placed to watch Rhihanna, Fergie, The Black Eyed Peas, and Solange make their entrances. I guess everyone else snuck in the back door. Rihanna glided in - and was much taller than I imagined her to be - she looked awesome. Fergie was the friendliest as she was sure to say hi. I made eye contact with Babyface a few times as I had to stand in front of him and block his perfect view in front of the stage more than once .... he was pleasant - he just smiled. Sean Paul gave me some eye contact as well ... lol - he probably thought I was coming for his seat but I was just going to sit behind him. For a good chunk of the night I was sitting two rows behind Babyface and to the left of Mr. Knowles and his daughter (some times it was B and other times it was Solange) - at one point I was directly behind Vera Wang and I was mesmerized by her shoes ... she was pretty awesome clapping her hands [on beat] and boppin' her head along with the music.
Rihanna opened singing Vogue and I thought that song was suitable for her voice.
Beyonce performed a chilling rendition of Etta James' At Last - she killed it. She sported short hair for the song but was rocking long locks soon after her performance.
In true Paula fashion, Paula Abdul was on her feet dancing throughout the show. Security thought I was Author Ashe's daughter and was about to usher me to a seat when she did a double take and apologized again and again .... someone google her quick - I need to see what she looks like! lol
As luck would have it, I was all the way in the back for Mariah's performance of That Chick - but I heard her and she sounded great. All in all - it was a great experience.

Its a little fuzzy but here is the Just Stand Up performance in case you missed it:


Kamilah said...

Love your outfit, you look so great! I'm stealing that skirt.
I'm going to go google up this chick now, I'm sure she's not f@ckin' with you. :)

Mara said...

She is not an easy person to find. but i did found 2 more recent pictures of her here and some older not so great ones with it-

Alicia said...

Yes! I love your outfit you look Awesome. I'm loving your hair while side eyeing ur bag. Looks like your about to get Jacked for your outfit :)
I'm happy that you had a great time and were able to fill us in on the experience ASAP.

Alicia said...

okay so I just listened to the Song and I LOVED IT. They did an awesome job. I am definitely tuning in.

Avyanka said...

Thanks guys!

Kamilah -the skirt is on sale at Zara's they may have some you won't have to steal mine ;)

The blouse is a real beauty; there is something about wearing silk that just makes you feel ultra fem and classic :)

Mara- thanks for looking for the photos of Carmen Ashe, she's cute so I guess I can rest easy now.

Alicia - if you jack me for my ish I'm coming to raid your closet for a few pieces - LOL!